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Hi I'm Marty Grohman,  GAF's Director of Sustainability.  I look forward to your comments and collaboration as I discuss items of interest in the sustainability field.

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Green Building Megatrends

We tell our contractors, if you’re not selling green, you’re missing one of the greatest market shifts in history.  This shift isn’t slowing down, it’s speeding up.  Here are some of the big changes we see coming:

  1.  Zero everything:  zero waste plants, zero net energy buildings, zero waste construction, zero down solar financing.
  2. Existing Buildings More Important: The LEED Rating System, that compares the ‘green-ness’ of buildings, keeps growing, and is now in use in 161 countries.  Of the types of buildings rated (homes, schools, new construction, etc), LEED for Existing Buildings is now the #1 rating system.  That means more Existing Buildings are choosing to get rated than any other type.
  3. New Codes:  The International Green Construction Code (IgCC) will get adopted by more municipalities.  It’s aimed at commercial buildings, and when it gets adopted, it applies to both existing and new construction.
  4. Increased importance of water issues:  we’re not hearing Zero Net Water Use buildings yet, but that’s where things will probably head.

Hidden in these trends continues to be a great opportunity for roofing contractors – because renewable energy and rainwater reclaim typically go on the roof; because Existing Buildings need something called Commissioning to be eligible for LEED rating, and commissioning involves a full roof inspection and maintenance plan; and because the IgCC will drive business for recyclable and reflective materials, as well as energy conservation, plus a ‘Building Service Life Plan’, in which proper roof design and maintenance are critical.

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Reader Comments (5)

Thanks for the post, When you think about it, the roof, like the leaf of a plant is an integral part of working structure.


February 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPaul

The segregation of waste helps to save money, time and energy. You can segregate waste into dry wastes such as paper, cardboard, glass etc and wet wastes such as kitchen waste, dry leaves etc.

March 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commentergarage equipment

It is really nice to know, that there are still people that do something about conservation. Rainwater system is another way to help our environment. In this system water that comes from the rain is being reused.

May 25, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterplumbing

No argument there. Going green is definitely gaining a lot of momentum these days. This is one trend that's worth following.

Conveyancer Morayfield

June 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterYutien Andrada

Couldn't agree more. We have really put a focus on our "green" materials and using them as a strong selling point in our "set us apart" approach to help give us an edge over the bigger guys. Its thrilling to see such a strong movement in the right direction of conservation. It is great that is has also now become " trendy " to purchase eco friendly products. Good Post Martin

CHOICE roofing group™

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